Before commencing any exercise seek medical professional advice.

Workouts and information are to provide suggestions only and to share ideas for exercise routines, general fitness and health information and recipes. I am not a health practitioner other than a ‘personal’ trainer, therefore dietry requirements and exercise need to be discussed with your professional practitioner if you have specific restrictions, requirements or are starting something new.

All workouts undertaken by members is at their own discretion and risk and I, Run & Reps will not be liable for any personal injury, death or disablement. Workouts are designed and shared as ideas for the general population. Age, ability, medical history and issues can play a part in what is suitable and unsuitable to your personal conditions, circumstances or situations.

Warm up 10 minutes before all workouts and cool down and stretch 10 mins after workout is complete.

Information on this site has been sourced world wide from a number of studies, information from reputable internet sites and my own qualifications as a Personal Trainer, Older persons trainer and Metafit Instructor.

I endeavor to ensure that the information is correct and current at the time of publication but take no responsibility for any error, omission or defect therein. Information supplied is for general purpose and any queries should be directed to appropriate people such as your Medical Practitioner, or specific professionals in relation to inquiries.

I take no responsibility or liability for the outcome of anything used or undertaken from this website. It is up to the individual to use their own discretion and seek advice on individual circumstances. Recipes shared on this site are for enjoyment purposes only and is not intended to cure, prevent or treat illness or disease. I will not take responsibility for the outcome of recipes. Desired results may not be achieved due to the quality of your ingredients, personal preparation, understanding and ability.


All information, photos, recipes and everything on this site, Run & Reps is owned by me or have permission to use.

You may not copy, use, or retransmit anything from or for this site without my written consent.

You are not allowed to use recipes written in this site for professional/commercial purposes, such as restaurants, public places without my written consent.

Links and references will be used throughout the site however all information and photos where appropriate will be credited.

You are not allowed to remove any logo images on any of the photos, Workouts, pages or information provided.

Ignoring this policy may result in copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights violations.

Reminder, readers should rely on their own enquiries in making decisions about their undertaking of any information provided on Run & Reps.

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