Limit to finish

For Intermediate and Advanced levels. Beginners start light and do 10 to 12 reps of each 2 to 3 sets.Experienced lifters this is a good one for you as you lift heavier each time but MUST maintain form. Work through each exercise before moving to the next. You have 5 rounds to complete a total... Continue Reading →

Landmine workout

Using the landmine equipment adds a change to the usual weight workouts and can provide the body with change since it can adapt easily to repetitive exercises. Strength training helps keep muscle tissue active thus strengthening the bones. It also aids fat loss, keeps you strong and fit, improve posture and can help reduce risk... Continue Reading →

‘Weight” It Out

Strength training makes you stronger, fitter and more lean. It keeps the fire burning in the furnace (your metabolism) for up to 48-72 hours. Yes that's right, you keep burning fat long after you have finished your workout! Even sitting on the couch! There are so many reasons why you should include weights and strength... Continue Reading →

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