Why is good posture important?

Good posture requires all body parts to be in good balance and harmony with each other. When a person has good posture, the body's alignment is balanced. In this state pressure and tension acting upon supporting structures such as muscles, tendons and cartilage, are minimal. However when a person has poor posture for a prolonged... Continue Reading →

Basics of Strength Training

So you have decided you want to start weight training. It's one of the most beneficial things you can do. Weight training: increases your resting metabolism burns more fat builds muscle and bone assists in getting you fitter you will get into shape quicker better sleep you will live longer helps your balance helps lower... Continue Reading →

Importance of an Active Lifestyle

We all know that an active lifestyle and proper nutrition can help you lead a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life. A balanced diet of nutritious foods together with regular physical activity can decrease your risk of developing certain chronic illnesses and can prevent many diseases. Here is a list of reasons as to why you should include... Continue Reading →

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