Buddha Bowl

What is a Buddha bowl? A Buddha bowl is a large deep bowl or high rimmed plate that consists of a grain, vegetables, a protein and a dressing. It is considered popular among Vegetarians and Vegans. It incorporates the principles of clean and healthy eating from the Chinese and Japanese lifestyle. The goodness of a... Continue Reading →

Sesame Pork Burgers

I was feeling a little inspired by Asian and Chinese food this week! So I decided to make some healthy burgers with the flavours of the orient for our weekend lunch menu. With no sugar, low in salt, high protein and gluten free, its the perfect lunch meal to get you through to dinner time!... Continue Reading →

Tuna and Salad Sourdough Turkish Bread

I love savory! I love bread! But mostly I love sourdough bread! Its more dense than white, wholemeal or wholegrain bread. It has a different texture, its processed differently, tastes awesome and is great for gut health. A good healthy gut means better digestion, good bacteria, better immunity and better weight-loss results. Tuna, feta, capsicum... Continue Reading →

Healthy Pita Bread Pizza

One minute throw together, five minutes cook...only two minutes to eat its so good! A healthy family friendly option for pizza! The kid's can even make their own! I have toppings set out for them on plates to add what they like. Making their own special pizza has proven to be beneficial, as they eat... Continue Reading →

Ham & Egg Cups with Spinach

Can it seriously be any easier! A quick high protein lunch! Filling...as protein does that... Serves 1 Ingredients: 2 slices lean ham (I used fat free round and cut to size). 2 eggs Baby spinach Chives Olive oil spray Optional: Cracked pepper Organic fruit chutney Method: Preheat oven 180 deg. Spray oil into 2 muffin... Continue Reading →

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