AMRAP Workout

How many rounds can you complete? An all over body workout that will push you to your limits if you let it! Beat yourself in reps each round you repeat! Equipment needed: Mat Skipping rope Dumbbells You can still complete this all over body workout if you don't have equipment. Here's some alternatives: Mat- towel,... Continue Reading →

Metabolic Burn Workout

Metabolic burn workout This will keep you fit and help you to keep burning fat and build muscle to shape that body! This can be done in your own home! No equipment required! Just determination!

Challenge Time Name Workout

Here's a challenge for you! Complete this workout, this week, using your own name! First and last name! If your lucky enough to have a short name, add your middle name! If your even luckier and don't have a middle name....add a family members first name! Goal: Choice 1: complete each letter of your name... Continue Reading →

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