Upper Body HIIT Workout

A burning challenge that should take only 30 minutes or under. This workout requires dumbells or something similar you can hold. There is only 5 seconds between every set! That's the challenge! However if you require more rest, that's fine too. Avoid rushing your moves, and control both up/down, push/pull directions. Make it work! If... Continue Reading →

Pyramid workout

An easy workout you can do in the comfort of your own home, indoors or out, or even at your local football oval. In these times of isolation with COVID-19, it can be a struggle to get moving or know what to do when your used to following a program at a gym or seeing... Continue Reading →

Winter Worthy Workout

Don't let the Winter cold stop you from achieving your goals! Here's a workout you can do inside or out. HIIT training will assist in getting fit, building muscle, burning fat and keep that metabolism roaring long after you finish. You can get your workout done in a shorter amount of time. Technically the harder... Continue Reading →

Total Abs & Plyo

Looking for a quick workout for rock hard abs? Do you want to get fit and burn loads of calories at the same time? Do you want to keep burning them over the next couple of days? Rushed for time? Look no further! Combine your ab workout with plyometrics for muscle building, fat burning and... Continue Reading →

Pump It Up! HIIT

So why choose HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)? There are many many good reasons! However here is just a few reasons why: Burns more calories during exercise and at rest and takes less time in working out Workouts can be anywhere from 4 minutes to 20 or 30 minutes depending on goals and fitness levels... Continue Reading →

Plyometric Tabata

We all want to get our workouts done as quick as possible! Tabata is the perfect way for burning fat and calories, building muscle and protecting it, gaining fitness both aerobic and anaerobic and increasing speed and best of all it is completed in a short amount of time! Who needs to spend hours in... Continue Reading →

Partner Punch Out

Looking for a quick intense workout idea with some boxing thrown in? Here's a perfect HIIT style of boxing routine you can do with a partner. If you don't have a partner you can repeat the rounds on a boxing bag. Remember to warm up and stretch at the end. Using wraps will help support... Continue Reading →

Rapid Rip It Up Workout HIIT

Struggling to find time for an hours workout, 45 minutes or even 1/2 an hour? Have no equipment at home? Try this, cardio mixed with strength, working the entire body! Repeat this body workout once for a 10 minute workout or twice for a 20 min workout. It will have you sweating in no time.... Continue Reading →

Plyo 20 workout

Looking for a quick workout? Plyometrics is great for burning calories quickly and building strength. This workout takes 15-20 mins with the added minutes in between rounds, so depends how long you rest for. You may need to allow 30 minutes with warm up and stretch. I usually throw in something like this on my... Continue Reading →

Abs of Steel Workout

An ab workout that will leave you burning! 40 seconds of exercise with 20 seconds rest in between each one. Between sets wait 1-3 mins before repeating again. You can repeat up to 3 sets if you have time. So grab your "work" out hat, "safety" mat and go grab that 6 pack!

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