Kentucky Style Chicken

Simple, quick, easy, tasty, nutritious...Kentucky style chicken. Serves 4 2 skinless chicken breasts, cut laterally in half1/2 cup quinoa flakes1/4 Kentucky style herb mix2 tsp Cajun spice1 eggExtra virgin olive oil. Turn oven on to 180 deg C. Beat egg with a fork in a bowl. In a separate bow mix all dry ingredients. Wash... Continue Reading →

Ricotta, Potato & Pumpkin Bake

Ever get bored of the same old steamed vegies every night? Steering clear of deep fried roasted vegetables but looking for something to add spice to their life? Often I try and mix it up by making bakes, using a variety of homemade sauces or even crumbing them in ground oats. I'm always busy so... Continue Reading →

Burgerlicious Burgers

We all love a burger from time to time. But how about making your own healthy version. Yes healthy, using natural flavours, healthy fats and lean meat. If your a Vegetarian or vegan you can use meat substitutes such as beans, lentils or chickpeas. This is a simple recipe where you can choose to change... Continue Reading →

Simple yellow beef curry stir fry

Who doesn’t love an easy curry that’s ever so tasty and satisfying with the simplicity to whip up in a hurry. Curry in a hurry right?! Yellow curry is nutritious for many reasons and has potentially many benefits. Curry is called a medicinal superfood and is packed with healthy spices. Tumeric being one of them.... Continue Reading →

Lemon Pepper & Garlic Fish

Are you one that finds it hard to come up with ideas for cooking fish? Is it something you want to add more of in your diet but you find it bland or boring? Then here’s some simple ways of consuming it. Add herbs and spicesBake in foil with lemon or orangeCut it up and... Continue Reading →

Sweet Chicken Curry With Red Quinoa

If you love a curry then this is a simple and easy meal. Mild, sweet but spicy and tasty dish. Highly nutritional and you can even make it as mild or hot as you like. Vegan suggestions mentioned below as well as gluten free. This curry has the nutritional benefits of yellow and green curry.... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Beef Rolls

Who doesn't love the taste of something exotic from Northern Africa? The fresh aromatic spices that make the most basic recipes come to life. Moroccan cuisine is generally a healthy one as they use fresh fruit and vegetables, red meat such as lamb and couscous instead of rice. They cook in olive oil rather than... Continue Reading →

Cheesy Hummus & Garlic Vegan Pasta

Are you one that loves pasta? Are you looking for a protein packed healthy version? Then you found the right place. The original recipe and inspiration came from Bosh, Bosh Boys on Facebook, (great recipes, cookbooks and more, check them out) however I changed up a number of the ingredients and measurements whilst also making... Continue Reading →

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