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Hi, my name is Lisa. I love food! I love exercise! But most of all I love to help others.

All my life I have struggled with being over weight. I tried every “diet” there was from soup diets, heart diets, shakes to blood type diets and nothing maintained my weight-loss over the long haul. I always ate well, maybe a little extra more than I should, I danced and did sport but I seriously yo-yo’ed more than a kids toy! I didn’t know why I was the one who had the extra weight.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, from working full time straight after school and studying at night for years, so I guess lack of sleep didn’t help. I had a suspected minor stroke when my son was 2 which resulted in some deafness. More life changing events followed but instead of choosing to wallow in self pity about how horrible I felt, I chose to change my life. It was up to me! These things weren’t going to define me. I was going to make a positive change for myself and of course my son. It was now or never! I was going to lose this weight! I was going to feel good again, worthy and be a positive role model for my child.

It was then, that I joined a program that would teach me lifelong positive thinking, nutrition, fitness, cooking with natural ingredients to create the foods I enjoyed and a program that totally transformed me.

I lost almost 30 kg and within 9 months had reached my goals in fitness and muscle building. The chubby little caterpillar became a butterfly.  I ran half marathons, (never had I run long distance prior!) and participated in a range of physical challenge events. I surrounded myself with supportive people but my family were a huge support! Never in a million years did I think I could feel good about myself! I met my current partner during this time of change and had our little girl 2 years ago. So…for me….If I can transform my life, body, mind and soul at 35, now 41 then others certainly can too!

I decided after running a local support group that I would become a Personal Trainer and a Health, Well-being and Nutrition Coach. After 20 years in Childhood Education, training and assessing this was a big change, a scary one but exciting! So here I am today, constantly studying, sharing recipes and training ideas, trying to help others find the same happiness within themselves, about themselves, for a happier healthier life too.

The bigger picture below is me now in 2017, after having my little girl. I always ate healthy but now even more so as it’s harder the older I get. I eat natural wholesome foods, organic produce where I can and make everything I eat myself, most of the time.
It all comes down to what we put in our mouths! For me, that’s now all nutritious foods that my body uses without missing out on all the tasty things in life.

I’ve recently completed the Professional Certificate in Meal and Menu Planning and Certificate in Human Nutrition.

I’m forever studying and learning and I think we all continue to, it just makes us more wiser and knowledgeable in life . Life is full of choices, the right choices make things easier. For example, we choose what we eat…..so what will you choose?

I’ve included recipes for a range of nutrition styles from paleo to vegan and diabetic. My aim is to provide recipes I love for everyone. Most recipes can be tailored to your needs. I’m not a nutritionist or dietitian, I have done many courses and been a health and wellness coach so I look forward to sharing recipe ideas with you. However my aim is to share easy family lovable recipes as suggestions, ones that I share with my clients for improved health and well being.

As both nutrition and an active lifestyle work hand in hand I’ve also provided some workouts.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope I can inspire you to continue to follow your dreams too. Weight-loss, well-being, fitness, whatever that may be…….

You can also find me on Instagram.

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