Ricotta, Potato & Pumpkin Bake

Ever get bored of the same old steamed vegies every night? Steering clear of deep fried roasted vegetables but looking for something to add spice to their life?

Often I try and mix it up by making bakes, using a variety of homemade sauces or even crumbing them in ground oats. I’m always busy so this is a quick way of making something different. Not only are meals more interesting than boring, it keeps the kids liking them too.

5 minutes prep

45 min cook time


2 large potatoes, enough for 2 layers for the size of your dish.

1/8 of small pumkin, enough for 2 layers for the size of your dish.

1/2 cup milk, maybe more depending on dish size, cover at least half way up layers.

1 1/2 tsp crushed garlic

180g smooth ricotta cheese

1/8 cup quinoa flakes

3 tblsp tasty cheese

3 tblsp parmasen cheese

Dried basil or mixed herbs to sprinkle


Pre heat oven on 180 deg Celsius.

Peel and slice potatoes into 5mm slices.

Repeat the same process with the pumpkin.

In a cup mix milk and garlic.

In a deep baking tray, layer ricotta first by spreading a thin layer, (to avoid potato sticking), 1 layer potato slices and 1 layer of pumkin slices.

With a spoon, spread a layer of smooth ricotta over the pumkin layer.

Repeat the process until you have 2 or 3 layers.

Pour over milk and garlic mix.

Top with cheeses and quinoa flakes and lastly sprinkle over herbs.

Cook around 45 minutes on 180 deg Celcius in a fan forced oven or until the potato is soft.

Serve as a vegetable dish that’s also high in protein!

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