Pyramid workout

An easy workout you can do in the comfort of your own home, indoors or out, or even at your local football oval. In these times of isolation with COVID-19, it can be a struggle to get moving or know what to do when your used to following a program at a gym or seeing a personal trainer. This workout only requires your body, no equipment.

You start at the top of the pyramid and work your way down. You can choose either no rest between pyramid sets or rest, whatever your challenge is for yourself. Whether it’s how quick you can do it, whether its just simply moving or you may even want to repeat a round 2 by starting at the bottom and working your way back up. Either way, having something to follow may be just what you need to get that booty off the couch and into some activity.

Simply start with a warm up, this will get the blood pumping and endorphins kicking and you’ll be into it before you know it!

Your warm up can be a walk, jog, a few push ups, squats, bridges, touching toes and windmills. after at least 5 minutes, get started!

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