Raw Chocolate Acai Balls

A healthy treat full of antioxidants, fibre, protein and healthy fats. A perfect treat for those on a Paleo diet. Also great for Vegans, just omit the beef collegen.

Winter is coming and many have been asking for snack ideas! Wouldn’t you prefer to eat healthy snacks being stuck indoors, rather than picking at the wrong foods because of boredom? Then here’s a quick easy one full of goodness that requires no cooking.

Acai berries are considered to be one of the healthiest berries around that are extremely rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, molecules produced when your body breaks down food or is exposed  various substances such as pollution, tobacco smoke and so on.

I have also added locally made organic collegen peptide powder. Collegen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles.

Collegen supports skin elasticity and structure, bone density and health, joint health, may boost muscle mass and is good for heart health and of course the gut! Taking in a broken down form means we can absorb it better.

So here’s a recipe adapted from one I posted on Instagram (@lnormanfitandfoodie) which was also adapted originally from Pete Evans Paleo, Healthy Everyday Book. I have adjusted and changed ingredients to make the flavours I enjoy. Cinnamon is on instagram and here is Chocolate Acai.

Makes 12 Balls


  • 20 pitted dates, chopped fine
  • 7 tbl cold water, (filtered for Paleo)
  • 5 tbl chia seeds
  • 5 tbl almonds, finely chopped
  • 4 tbl cashews, chopped fine or crushed
  • 3 tbl linseed meal (A strict paleo may want to replace this depending on their view in the diet)
  • 1 tbl organic beef collegen
  • 1 tsp acai berry powder
  • 1 tsp cocao
  • 1 tsp natural organic Stevia sweetener powder (you can omit this however I prefer a sweeter taste rather than bitter)
  • desiccated/ shredded coconut to roll ball balls in. (I also used cocao nibs but it does give more a bitter taste. I much prefer the coconut!)
Raw Chocolate Acai Balls

Finely chop all nuts.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, leaving the coconut and/or cocao nibs aside.

Add the water and mix through well.

With clean hands, gently squeeze and roll mixture into 12 balls.

Roll the mixture in your desired coating.

Best eaten after an hour of setting in the fridge and can be stored for up to 2 weeks.

Now how easy is that for a healthy snack?! No cooking or baking, just roll and set. Of course you have the time to make them 🙂

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