Landmine workout

Using the landmine equipment adds a change to the usual weight workouts and can provide the body with change since it can adapt easily to repetitive exercises.

Strength training helps keep muscle tissue active thus strengthening the bones. It also aids fat loss, keeps you strong and fit, improve posture and can help reduce risk of both medical and chronic conditions.

I strength train at least 4 times a week but mix up my type of training so my body doesn’t know what to expect. This way I burn the most and improve overall.

So today I used a landmine to complete my weight training session. If you don’t have one you can simply use a barbell. Just place weights on the bottom to keep it balanced on the floor then add your top weights (the end you lift) as you go or for certain exercises.

Below is today’s Super Saturday Superset Session.

Warm up by doing similar exercises as you will be required to do on your workout without weights. Then you can build up by holding light weights then get into it.

Spend about 10 minutes activating and warming up all the muscles. Stretch at the end. The workout is an overall body workout.

Go blow it away!



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