Round Up Workout

You don’t need a gym or equipment to keep fit and healthy!

Body weight exercises and plyometrics get you fit, help build lean muscle, strengthen bones and keep you trim.

Start at round 1, then go onto round 2 and complete twice, go onto round 3 and complete that round 3 times. Do round 4, 4 times over then 5, 5 times through if you can withstand the challenge!

You don’t need to go through each round again before moving on. Once you complete 1 round move to the next.

Your body will love chewing through calories as your ever changing up what your doing it has no idea what’s happening next so it pulls fuel from everywhere to keep you going!

Don’t forget warm up before you begin, Cool down with a slow jog or walk at the end then stretch.

Up you get, up you go!


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