Chocolate Nut Brittle

Did you get too many chocolate Easter eggs this year? Here’s a quick easy solution!

I was lucky that I only got dark chocolate this year. Sometimes as a snack 2 pieces is just not enough! Great for health but not filling.

So I melted it down and added cashews, pecans (which i crushed with a spoon) seeds and almonds. You could add coconut too if you like.

So I have a protein kick, good heart healthy fats, antioxidants from the dark choc, vitamins from seeds and feel fuller and more content with one piece as opposed to hundreds of calories and unfulfilling sugar from just the chocolate alone id need for the same effect.


Once set, smash into pieces for chocolate brittle.

Perfect solution and a more wholesome snack with a piece of fruit.

Instead of eating all that ‘milk chocolate’ or white chocolate you can do the same thing. So enjoy your chocolate but eating it in a smart way. That way you fill up on half a serve. Save on sugar and loaded calories as well so your not eating the Easter basket full of eggs!


Keto friendly (using correct selection of nuts such as pecans, walnuts, brazil nuts etc & Paleo friendly (choosing the correct chocolate).



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