Total Abs & Plyo

Looking for a quick workout for rock hard abs? Do you want to get fit and burn loads of calories at the same time? Do you want to keep burning them over the next couple of days? Rushed for time?

Look no further! Combine your ab workout with plyometrics for muscle building, fat burning and fitness! AND…. develop that 6 pack you’ve always been after!

20 minutes plus warm up and cool down/ stretch is all you need! 30 minutes total!

Warm up for 5-10 minutes with a jog and a few reps of each exercise.

The aim is to go all out 100% effort!

If your new to this type of training you can begin by stepping things out or speaking to your doctor.

Remember, walk around for a couple of minutes at the end to bring your heart rate down gently then stretch abs, legs and arms.

You can choose to do 1 round but 2 rounds is going to really work those muscles to get you those results!!

Are you ready?

Here we go…….

Total abs and plyo

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