Get Up and All Over Go Workout!

Build shape and strength, burn calories, burn fat and keep burning all weekend long with this little gem!

An all over body workout.

A set of 12 reps followed by 20 or 30 sec (depending on your level of fitness) of plyometrics, 20 rest, repeat. 
2 sets of each line of exercise then move to next exercise in the list.

Weights then plyo exercise (90-100% effort/ max heart rate…220-age. Count pulse in 10 sec x by 6 for a rough idea. At end HR should be back down 5 to 10 mins. (Not for beginners or pregnant women). Touch floor where possible for max effect.
Weight should struggle by end set 2.

If not, you may need to push yourself a little harder???

Walk around lower HR gradually after you complete the workout then stretch.

Have fun!


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