Pump It Up! HIIT

So why choose HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)?

There are many many good reasons! However here is just a few reasons why:

  • Burns more calories during exercise and at rest and takes less time in working out
  • Workouts can be anywhere from 4 minutes to 20 or 30 minutes depending on goals and fitness levels (Requires at 100% all out effort)
  • Stimulates increases in muscular strength and size
  • You train less often, as your body needs full recovery, no more than 3 times per week, with a rest day in between, don’t train on consecutive days
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Enhances sports specific training and performance
  • Speeds metabolism

This type of training isn’t for the beginner or faint hearted! If you have not done a HIIT session before seek advice from your Medical Practitioner first! For people new to this style of training, you can start by stepping things out and increase intensity over time. Get the techniques right and your fitness up.

You MUST do a 5-10 minute warm up first! Jog, skip, squats, push ups, butt kicks, high knees, lunges, squat jumps, ski’s and so on. Prepare your muscles and joints ready for action! You don’t want to over stretch or injure yourself.

Your 2 minute finisher is 15 seconds of each exercise with no rest. One exercise straight after the other. 2 minutes and your done!

Cool down with a slow jog or walk then stretch out at the end. Again 5-10 minutes!

Note: If your unsure of exercises or all over body stretches, print the photo and google techniques, writing it on your paper for quick reference.

*HIIT is not advised for pregnant women.

Pump It Up Workout HIIT


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