12 Days of Christmas Workout

A ‘Merry’ tough challenge for the festive season! 😃

An all over body workout that includes upper body, lower body, front, back and core!

Keep that metabolism roaring over Christmas! Enjoy that piece of pudding without the guilt!

Warm up the entire body for 5 to 10 minutes. Some warm ups may include, jogging, slow squats, push ups on knees, skipping, body twists and star jumps.

Always seek medical advice if starting out or you have any issues.

How the workout works



An exercise mat or towel for floor exercises

Christmas ball decorations x 12

Space for a 20m sprint


45 minutes to 1 hour, individual times will vary.

Set up your circuit. 12 exercise stations.

Repeat 12 Reps of exercise 1 then 12 Reps on exercise 2 and 12 Reps of exercise 3 and so on until you get to exercise 1. Then sprint 20m to collect 1 Christmas ball and return it to your start point. All balls will end up here.

Go around circuit again with 11 Reps of each exercise and finish with 1 sprint collecting 1 Christmas ball.

Then go around again with 10 Reps of each and 1 sprint for a Christmas ball.

Repeat process until you get down to a circuit of 1 rep per exercise.

Dont worry if you lose count, count your collected Christmas balls, That will remind you where you are up to.

Remember to rest when you need, sip water throughout and stretch all over at the end of completing your workout. You can find stretches online if needed.

Merry Christmas and good luck!



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