Partner Punch Out

Looking for a quick intense workout idea with some boxing thrown in?

Here’s a perfect HIIT style of boxing routine you can do with a partner.

If you don’t have a partner you can repeat the rounds on a boxing bag.

Remember to warm up and stretch at the end.

Using wraps will help support your wrists. Make sure when you punch you keep strong in the wrist and don’t bend it! There’s plenty of sites that can show you the correct technique.

You will need:

1 x set of boxing gloves

1 x set of boxing pads

Warm up ideas…

  • skip with a rope
  • jog on the spot
  • star jumps
  • push ups
  • windmills
  • shadow boxing
  • light boxing with your partner.

*You want to mimic the moves you will be doing during the workout and increase intensity as you go.

Complete 30 seconds of each exercise in round 1 then swap over with your partner.

Once you have both completed Round 1 move onto round 2.





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