Basics of Strength Training

So you have decided you want to start weight training. It’s one of the most beneficial things you can do. Weight training:

  • increases your resting metabolism
  • burns more fat
  • builds muscle and bone
  • assists in getting you fitter
  • you will get into shape quicker
  • better sleep
  • you will live longer
  • helps your balance
  • helps lower blood pressure
  • and you will be stronger in everyday functions.


Where to start…


Choose a gym or place where your going to train.


What is it your wanting to achieve? Strength, endurance, body shape, big chest, etc.

Choose the exercises

What are you going to do in order to reach your goals. It’s best to see a professional or personal trainer to get the correct exercises and techniques. You don’t want to injure yourself when your just starting out! If this is not possible, check out you tube and the internet for correct positioning and technique. You want to make sure your using the right muscles too.


Work out how many days a week your going to train. Start making a schedule of what body parts you will complete on certain days. Get yourself a basic routine started.

How heavy?

The heavier the load, the fewer times you move it. Do you want to be able to make repetitive movements for endurance such as strength in running or general activities or do you want to bulk up, therefore you would life heavier weights with less repetition. Your muscles tire quicker the heavier the load and help build size.

How many sets? Volume

You will need to work out how many sets to complete in relation to the weight your lifting. You can start on 1 set and perfect technique, then move to 3 or 3 sets. The aim is to exhaust the muscle so you may need to experiment a bit.

Take rest

Decide what rest you require between sets, that also depends on your goal. The lighter the weight for endurance for example you can rest 30 seconds to 1 minute. For strength and size 3-5 minutes. Your muscles will need that time to recover so you can perform the next set fully with correct technique.

And decide when your rest days will be. You need rest days for recovery, that’s where the magic happens. Plus continual use of muscles with no rest impedes progress as muscles can’t build and repair and your more like to injure yourself.

Get started and start simple

Plan the basic exercises to get your muscles used to the new workouts they will endure. You can change them up as you get stronger and start adapting to them. You don’t want to overload them when they aren’t used to doing anything. Ease into your program and workouts.

AND don’t be afraid to ask for help if your unsure! You want results and you want to stay healthy not hurt!

There are many workouts on the internet to give you ideas.

Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise.

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