A Week of Workouts Challenge

Looking for a workout to do in the comfort of your own home that will burn calories, burn fat and get you fit and defined without needing a gym?!

Here is a workout challenge for you!

Start with 2 sets and go up to 3 when you feel comfortable doing so. When it becomes easy, step it up.

Remember as always, warm up all body parts, jog, star jumps, some half squats etc before beginning the workout.

All you need is….to make the time…..
So why not start next week!

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch, upper body, lower body and core!

* This workout can be stepped out for those new to exercise. Those with medical conditions, please seek professional advice before commencing.

If you choose to continue following this, just remember after 6 weeks try a new workout, that way your body, strength, fitness etc will progress. Allow rest days for muscle recovery as well.

One week you may do 4 days, 5 the next week, one week all of them, and change days of workouts week to week to keep the body guessing for maximum outcomes.

“Your only one workout away from feeling awesome”


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