Running for Beginners Plan

Are you wanting to try running?

Are you worried you cant run, its too hard, you cant?

Here’s a basic beginners program. If you can do this you can do 5km then 6km and so on.

Ask yourself this, ” can I not run or is it that I choose not to?’

Everyone can learn to run. Its all about teaching the muscles to fire over and over…endurance.

You work at it, build it and then your running it!

You cant expect a baby to walk when its born, so you cant expect a person to run when they’ve only walked. You have to progress, keep at it and it happens!

This program will have you running 30 minutes or 5 km in 8 weeks. Keep with the program. Train at least 3 days a week to teach your legs that repetitive run movement.

Remember to warm up and cool down and stretch.

If your a beginner check with your doctor that your ready to run!

Good luck but most of all have fun!

Learn to run program

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