Indoor Workout Runners Circuit

Are you a runner?
Do you want to improve on your running?
With long distance running, the energy we burn is muscle, as its the quickest form to fuel the body. Its important to keep up strength exercises both in the core and the legs for many reasons.
Some are; to rebuild/ replace the muscle lost, to avoid injury and runners knee and other problems, to make our running stronger and to allow our legs to overcome the long distances they may endure. Our core is just as important as it holds our body together, a strong core means a stronger runner.Here’s a simple workout to help with both of those.

Remember to stretch dynamically before you begin, create the movements at 60% effort of what your about to do. Avoid static stretching first, as this can cause injury when intense pressure is suddenly placed on the stretched muscle. 10 minute warm up to pace is good.

See a doctor if you have any issues. Those with knee or back problems should avoid this training or seek medical advice first.So if your stuck in doors, this is something you can do easily at home.



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