Rapid Rip It Up Workout HIIT

Struggling to find time for an hours workout, 45 minutes or even 1/2 an hour?

Have no equipment at home?

Try this, cardio mixed with strength, working the entire body!

Repeat this body workout once for a 10 minute workout or twice for a 20 min workout. It will have you sweating in no time. Pump out as many as you can. You can even keep score and try and beat your reps in your 2nd attempt.

Remember: technique is everything! If your a beginner start with trying it once or stepping it out. If you get dizzy lye down with your feet up. You may not be ready for HIIT style training just yet.

Avoid repeating this 2 days in a row.

People new to exercise, always consult your doctor first. And importantly: dynamic stretching before starting eg: star jumps, jog on spot, windmills. similar movements to what you will be using at a 50-60% effort, once body, joints and muscles are warmed go for it! And stretch out afterwards.

Good luck & rip it up!



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