Lean Green Workout

No equipment required! Just a watch and an oval or open space.

In the fitness industry we often talk about adaptation, where our body adapts or gets used to certain exercises and progress is hindered or we plateau. Its recommended we change our exercise routines every 4 to 6 weeks to avoid this happening.

The idea is to shock the muscles, brain, heart etc into working harder as its not sure what its about to do (as an easy way to explain) we burn more calories, we build more muscle, burn fat and continue weight-loss or muscle building depending on your program goal. I love doing this in a session as well. It has the same type of effect on the body.

I created this routine, with different time frames, rest periods etc and a cross of high intensity cardio with weight exercises to really keep the body thinking, burning as much fuel (calories) as possible, to challenge the body and muscles, build muscle, build bone and build strength.

Its also an excellent workout for runners to build strength, speed and endurance.

This workout will keep you burning long after you finish. BONUS!



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