Home Made Granola

Love cereal and granola? Do you want to reduce the amount of sugar in your breakfast? Do you want to avoid pre-packaged muesli? Then this is a simple, tasty, low sugar, healthy granola mix you can make yourself! With the goodness of seeds, nuts and natural ingredients.


A mix of:
Rolled oats
Pepitas and seed mix
Sliced almonds
Walnuts, crushed
Pecans crushed
Pure maple syrup (or Sugar free if counting calories)
Extra virgin olive oil
Coconut sugar (can use raw or brown)

You can top with fruit, seeds or other organic health mixes.

I love mine with almond milk and sprinkled with hemp seeds and blueberries.



Pre heat oven 180 deg.

Mix all together on an oven proof tray.

Cook for 10-15 mins until lightly browned or longer for extra crunchy.
Toss mixture and mix on tray a few times during baking to avoid burning.

*You can omit sugar and add extra maple syrup. Or you can add extra fruit instead. .

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